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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Luncheons Galore

Well, do we have options for you.... On Saturday 23rd February we have two great invitations for you. Jenny really encourages you to chose one and be involved. Not only is it a great investment into your life, cause you are so worth it, but we want to support and encourage the women in our region. Both Oberon CLC and Harvest for Christ at Orange blessed us by attending 'Shine', so lets be a blessing to them too.

Jenny was invited to Oberon CLC to give an encouraging word through lunch so she will be attending Oberon. Melissa Humphris will be attending Harvest at Orange. So lets fill some cars and make the whole experience an amazing time of bonding, blessing and benefiting. Lets rise up and take our places in God's front line, its going to be fantastic.

So call either Jenny or Melissa today and register for one of these events. Its going to be great.

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