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Friday, February 1, 2008

Welcome to 2008

Hi Girls,

Pastor Jenny has been seeking God for his plans and purposes for Life Girls 2008 and has put together a great program for this year. Its going to be exciting to see what God does in the lives of 'His' girls this year. So don't miss out, be involved, and see what God has in store for YOU. I'm so excited about it all, its going to be amazing.

Life Girls will be on the third Saturday of each month at 7.30pm so mark your calendars now so nothing else can be booked on that spot.

Each month we will meet at a different home and be hosted by the LifeGirl of that house for the evening. And on the 16th February we are meeting at Melissa Humphris' home at 7.30pm. Please bring a plate of supper to share. Knowing Melissa, its going to be a fantastic night.

Every 3rd month we will be having a 'theme night' at the church. Our first one will be Saturday 19th April and it will be a 70's night. So hit the op shops for your favourite 70's gear. On the theme nights we will have a guest speaker and in April we are blessed to have Heather Sinclair, Worship Pastor from Bathurst CLC sharing with us.

Life girls is for us girls so lets own it, get behind the vision Jenny has and make it the best year ever.

Make sure you get involved in a home group this year, its vital to study God's word and have mid week fellowship. Not to mention lots of fun. The Cromes home group meet Tuesday night at 7pm and the Summo's meet on Thursday night at 7pm.

We all believe its going to be a very significant year for our church so don't miss what God has in store for us both individually and corporately, see you on the 16th February!!! Can't wait.


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