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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movies and Fun

Hi there girls,

As mentioned at church on Sunday, Im trying to organize a movie night for this Saturday night. It’s been almost a month since Life Girls when you all surprised me for my 50th birthday…… think I’m still getting over it!!!

The plan is to meet at the Metro Cinemas in Orange and see one of two movies (we are girls, and we do like choices!!!) Firstly there is Mama Mia screening at 6pm, and secondly there is The Bank Job screening at 6.30pm. Most of you are probably aware of what Mama Mia is about ( Abba type musical that looks fun) the Bank Job is about a famous British robbery that was very ingenious and the culprits were never caught (but Jesus knows who they are!!)

As the movies start at a similar time we will hopefully come out around the same time and then head off to Hogs Breath Café in Lords Place where we can have dinner, desert, coffee, snack or whatever your appetite and budget allows.

So….thats the plan, if you want to car pool, give me a call or one of the other girls who you would like to go with and organize a lift…..look forward to seeing you there.


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