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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Greetings from Gilgandra! Sounds like a "great" day has been planned. The part about being pampered sounds "wonderful" to me. I know our Father will also pamper us with His unconditional love. I appreciate your prayers until then and look forward to meeting you all on the 27th. Must go, my husband has arrived back and I am needed to help weigh lambs for sale.

Love and prayers from Beth.


coffee&donuts said...

weighing lambs in the middle of the night? haha. it looks great. laura.xx

Beth Volkofsky said...

Didn't you know that our sheep could see in the dark? Maybe the clock on your computer is 17 hours behind or could it be that we are ahead here at Gilgandra. HaHa. See ya soon! Beth.